Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh. My. Gosh. And....You have GOT to be kidding me.

All right. Today is out of my system. I'm going to flash back to yesterday when I didn't have to resist the urge to toss a vase through my television set.

I love me some Johnny and LuLu. They are about the most confused people on the GH planet...a feat fit for kinds. I was happy to see him playing the piano again and talking like a sane person. Because Brandon Barash is HOT and we've already got two cold as ice men on GH. Even though it was a bit contrived, the sexy "to save you" was straight out of romance heaven. I only wish they had built the tension a bit - a little you know you want to is good for the romantic soul.

Still, Brandon Barash is HOT. Almost unbearably so. He's that gorgeous, schoolboy with a bad edge. Girls have been going wild over this guy since....well, I'm pretty sure the first cave baby came about because cave woman had a secret thing for that barely-evolved specimen just outside her door. Times may have changed - as evidenced by the fact that we like our bad boy with a sensitive, intelligent side - but we still go weak in the knees for a leather-wearing boy with big dimples.

So, while everything else is still in fast-forward land, Johnny & LuLu are worth a second glance.

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Nancy said...

I actually had to load that episode onto my Ipod to watch their scenes again. They were really, really good. Yes a little more tension would have been good but Brandon keeps me quite tense just by breathing thank you very much;)

I have to say I like that Lulu fessed up to him about her fears and her feelings. He certainly is in a good position to understand her.