Friday, May 16, 2008 that a romance on the horizon?

Huh? What? Was it swap day at ABC? Did the OLTL writers get to take over GH for a day? Is that why I've got a stormy night bringing all the couples on my wishlist into each other's arms?

Johnny & LuLu...oh yummy. Tortured love is just so right with you two.
Liz & Jason? I had thought you gone forever. I'm so busy hating on Jason...don't go trying to win me back (and, Liz, sweetie. You're a mom. Try to keep it together.)
Jax & Kate? Whoa. I....really....someone else noticed that chemistry? I'm big-time opposed to adultery so I hope this one doesn't go far yet...but I love them together.

And that brings me to...Sonny & Carly. Life is only right when you two are in each other's orbit. Some people were just cut out of the mud for one another. There's no one makes sense for either of them but the other one. I know they'll never hold it together - but that's what makes it fun.

The only "hm" was Nicolas NOT getting a scene with Nadine. What? Why? When we got to see precursors of sex all around for the couples we adore? Nic crazy over Emily nee Claudia? I thought we had accepted that the truest love Nic could have for Emily was to get on with his life.

Oh, well. It's little to complain about with a Friday that makes me happy to be a GH fan. I watched the whole episode and spent a moment sighing over the possibilities for Monday. But Guza's name is still on my screen so I'm prepared for a big ole heap of disappointment. For tonight, though, I dream of happy love stories for all my much-loved characters & couples.

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Nancy said...

I'm oddly into seeing how Nicholas and Claudia work together. They're both so dark but Nicholas is slightly more sane than Sonny. I think they could be a fun fit.

I think I am the only person on earth who doesn't want Sonny and Carly anywhere near each other. I can't stand them as a couple. I think it's because Laura Wright is such a different Carly that she needs to find her own soul mate.

Lovin' Lulu and Johnny of course.

I'm not sure about the Kate and Jax thing. It's a stupid way to deal with their pain and I really prefer Jax with Carly.