Saturday, May 31, 2008

Spoiler Reading

So, I'm scrolling through the spoilers and I have this really great realization: if they kill off Jason, I will be free to stop watching this drivel! I have no other hold. I will have to accept there will never be a Liason, that the Quartermaines will never reunite...that it's all over. And I'll be so free! Free, I tell you! Free!

I don't know anyone who is still watching. I plug along but everyone - even hard core soap fans and General Hospital viewers of 20 years - has fallen by the wayside. I cannot imagine why ABC is letting this happen. I wish I could read that contract (or have it for my job). No matter how awful, how many viewers are lost, how tragically low the one steps in to save General Hospital.

I've enjoyed Patrick & Robin, though. The scene with the baby kicking was very cute. I am a perenially single career woman who doesn't have her own sitcom - but I know that one of the major challenges of our generation has been to convince men to be fathers. I am at the stage where most of my galpals and I are perusing lists of sperm donors on the web, talking about creating partnerships for childcare, and lamenting the loss of men who want to be dads. We know plenty of single men willing to have sex with just about anyone but very few who want to be dads. Even the guy I'm dating - who seemed like he wanted to settle down - recently admitted that he doesn't want to have children in his home. I sigh and start looking again while I peruse the web and save the cash for some frozen genetic material - but the whole experience has made me enjoy Patrick & Robin more. I undestand Robin's hesitance to trust Patrick. Most of the women in my circle have dated dozens of men and heard the same non-responsibility storyline (in short - Jason's line - my job, my life, my self is more important than any small being I may create). So, when a guy starts to adapt, I think we don't even dare believe that we could have a partner in anything. We are too accustomed to having to do everything on our own. The idea of partnership - it's too new, too scary, too risky. And the more I understand Robin, the more I recognize the amount of fear and loneliness offered to all the Patricks of the world. Society has really taught them nothing about the need to sacrifice to children. Then the women step in and do this really wonderful thing but shut them out. We curse and complain and really it's everyone's fault. Society has served no one by belittling and destroying the partnership that creates happy, healthy children. Men live up to 15 years longer and have more sex if they're married - regardless of how happy the marriage may be - but do they know that? Nope. They just wander around believing that they're better off with freedom from responsibility and porn for day when the women are less available. I wonder now when the Patrick phenomenon will hit any of these guys...or if that's just a media invention, too - like the fulfilled career woman who 'has it all' without feeling exhausted, lonely, and broke.

Of course, I love the Zacchara family. I'm just sick of the mob! Mob, mob, mob, mob, MOB! It's the reason everyone I know has stopped watching and I agree! NO MORE MOB! Okay - past that rant - Johnny and LuLu are adorable. I would love to watch them BRING DOWN THE MOB! Okay - it was one last little rant. I'm not sure where they're going, though. This is usually the stage that the Guza-powered bus stalls out and somebody gets kicked out to lighten the load. After all, we have to power the FRIKKIN' MOB! Okay, okay....I'll try and control myself. But I hope that we get to see a little love conquers all (but not without some serious drama).

I still don't get what's going on at GH, though...blackmail? Mob threats (ha ha, that would be ironic - maybe this whole horror is Guza's plea for aid as he tries to escape a past he can't erase...not likely but hecka funny)? An evil conspiracy to get the soap industry out of the healthcare business??!!

And that brings me back to OLTL. I am seriously addicted to GiGi Morasco. Seriously. She's the realest thing to hit a soap opera in ages. She's innocent yet resilient. I love watching her be manipulated by Dorian and Adrianna. As she stood up at the wedding to declare her feelings for Rex, I squirmed because I wanted to shelter her. And that made the entrance by Brody - disgusting and gross and unromantic as he really is - feel like a fairy tale. Because I want someone to help GiGi. I want her to find love. I liked her with Rex - but I also want her to help Brody and be saved from Adrianna. I even wanted her to date Jared!
It doesn't matter where you put her - I heart GiGi. She made me laugh when she said, "I know. It's so high school." You can believe in GiGi. Her mistakes are human even when somewhat unbelievable. Her attempts and failures in her never-ending attempt to make her childhood mistakes right endear her to me. I want her to tell the truth because GiGi wants so badly to tell the truth.
I get frustrated when I don't see GiGi for days and yet I want to savor the character. In time, GiGi will become like the rest of Llanview. She'll lose her freshness, her honesty, her romanticism. Like my beloved, Liz (who once reminded me of GiGi), over time she'll become hardened, confused, and sullied by the way American soap operas operate. So, for now, I want it to drag out at a snail's pace. I want to enjoy my GiGi well into the next sweeps. At the very least.

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Anne said...

I'm still watching, sort of -- but I agree that the goal seems to be to trash the show entirely. And I'm with you, if they kill Jason off I'm done.
I'm tired of Sonny, of Carly, of Anthony Z., of Trevor. The real highlight of the spring has been the Diane/Max hookup, but it's too good to last.