Thursday, April 17, 2008

I made it through almost half today

For the first time, I don't like Jason. I'm glad he's suffering. I'm so mad at him that I grumble through all his scenes. May the depth of his heartbreak drive him to repentance. May it heap upon him in big, miserable, gut-wrenching doses. The louse. The traitor. Filth! Garbage! He had love and he threw it away! Threw it away like garbage. And that's what he is. So bow to him! Bow to the King of Garbage, the King of Putrescence.

It's amazing how much of The Princess Bride I can quote. I didn't google a word of the above. And, while I did it mostly because it was funny, I feel that way. Jase - for the first time in years - I say you earned this life. So, live it, dude. You could have had something lovely and you chose garbage. You stink. Yeah, I said it. I can smell you from here, fella.

Well, at least Diane and Alexis were great yesterday. I like Diane and Max - not great romance but just plain funny. I would love to see more Diane and Alexis, Maxie and Spinelli, and Quartermaine manor just for the sheer comic relief during a season of hating on Jason. I'm sure everyone remembers that Luke & Laura were as much fun for the caper as for the love story. Wouldn't it be fun to have some silly caper? Especially since I threw my hands in the air with hopelessness after Robin fell into bed with Patrick. Guza once again proves that romance is a long lost cause in the genre supposedly all about romance!

So, in summary, I hate Jason right now. I think that covers it. Oh, and everyone should watch One Life to Live. Rex and Gigi with Adriana turning eeeeevil - it's just soap fabulous. Yeah, you heard me GH. I'm cheating on you. Because Jason deserves it. Dumb, stupid Jason. Walk away from love ... force me to listen to a whiny Elizabeth speech....yeah, you hear me! Johnny is a better you than you'll ever be! Okay. That didn't make sense. I get this way when I'm moping.

I think you should give Johnny the gun and your blessing and get your butt over to your family before I come home from England...yeah, you heard me. You big, dumb jerk. What?! You gonna cry now? Oh - only about Michael. Not about your son. Well, you'll be sorry. You'll miss me. Don't come lookin' here for compassion. Nope that well done dried.

Big, stupid thug.


Quiltersal said...

I hae to agree - Jason is a big, dumb thug! And he sure isn't thinking right now. Thanks for putting it so succinctly. Hope the writers get back into a groove soon, instead of the rut they seem to be in!

Nancy said...

I'm hating on Jason at the moment and loving Johnny Z. I think that this whole Jason thing is to shore up Elizabeth as a stronger character. On many of the boards the people who love her have been complaining that she's so weak and she didn't start out that way. I think the writers are making Jason walk away so she'll actually have to fight for them to be together.

At least I hope.

Did you watch the last scenes? I loved the Johnny Lulu moment where she's says, "tag you're it" for the mixed signals they send each other. It was kind of adorable.

Boo Jason, boo.