Monday, April 28, 2008

Back...but far from prepared to blog!

I have returned but not yet spent time with here's your chance!

Tell me what YOU liked over the past week of GH? Feel free to rant about what you didn't like. Your input will help me to decide how much fast-forwarding I do of the past 6 Tivo submissions.

Oh - and London was tres magnifique. Really. So many people speaking French that I worried I had gone to the wrong country. Regardless of language, though, I am madly in love with England (but their TV and soap operas make me grateful for US programming).


Nancy said...

I can't say I loved much of anything last week. It was pretty yawn-worthy overall. The week before sweeps is all set up anyway.

The Jason/Claudia stuff is kind of fun, forced, but fun. Lots of my Johnny Z but nothing I want to see him saying or doing.

Quiltersal said...

I have to agree with Nancy - a yawnfest at best. The only bright spot was Diane and Max! They are a hoot if ever there was one.