Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Port Charles and the Functional Dysfunctional Family

Shout-out to Allison and Lola et al....nice to see you....sorry it took me so long to say hello.

As I watched Johnny (I love Brandon Barash) interact with Claudia (I love Sarah Browne) and then watched Patrick & Robin (I don't love them but I would send them a Christmas card), I realized why the Quartermaines have died: they haven't been allowed to function in their dysfunction. That's the key to a really strong soaps family. They're a mess - but they sure do love each other.

I think it's funny to see the Zaccharas emerging. Now - granted - they have amazingly good actors giving really great portrayals. Johnny and Claudia have nailed sibling interaction - that strange sense of wanting to control what's out of control and none of your business but is your business...and all the guilt in between. And Daddy Zacchara has been joy, joy, joy from day one.

All that said, I'm sad for the Quartermaines. I'm sad they couldn't pull it together. I'm sad they lost their functional piece when Lila died - and I've always thought that could be resurrected with the right combination (See: character who enjoys painting, loves children, and is a quintessential maternal figure) but at present, the Quartermaines are fading from memory. Even Monica - in the midst of a HUGE storyline - is absent. She's discussed and mentioned - but absent in person.

I miss the Quartermaines. They kept me watching the show through some dull years. I remember the days when everyone ended up at ELQ or wandering around the mansion. And I want the clan saved. I do. I want to enjoy them as much as I enjoy Johnny and Claudia because the Quartermaines are great comic intervention, great drama, and always make me grateful I didn't have to live in Port Charles.

So, much love to Garin Wolf (yes, I plan to mention his name in every post while he's around) for breathing life into the Zaccharas, bringing back Sonny's madness, loving Spinelli's mistaken everythings, and letting Jason look like he's in love....I wish there had been some genius in the genius for the Quartermaines.

Favorite moment of the week: Johnny asking Claudia "Are you on something? Have you thought about being on something?" Truly - the caring sibling attempted intervention followed by other sibling craziness - just lovely human interaction.

Least favorite moment: Diego is the killer??!! Sell. Out. Serial killers kill for no reason but power plays and the thrill (if Criminal Minds has taught me anything.) It was all more interesting when he was just killing hot chicks. But I give props to Sam - I do enjoy her when she's being kick-butt Angelina Jolie wannabe. But Diego? Really? *sigh*

Fingers Crossed Moment for next week (I've decided I'll start rumors rather than read spoilers...): Can Lucky and Sam get back together? Please...please....can he come to the rescue of someone? Please? If not him - then I'd love to see Spinelli. His private eye fantasies amuse me so much and a good save would fuel that fire.

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Nancy said...

I do love the Zaccara siblings. They are both very talented and easy on the eyes;)

I loved Jason and Claudia's conversation yesterday though. It was real,adult and extremely well played.