Friday, February 29, 2008

Lest I be misinterpreted!

Perhaps I was just in rotten mood on Wednesday...but never be concerned. I love my GH more every day (thank you, Garin Wolf). I complain about it the way a woman complains about her children - sure, you may like a little tweaking to the system but overall it's a love that endures the test of time. Nancy mentioned that she liked Claudia and Jason's interaction - I did, too. I'm not "on board" with the romance potential but that's due to one fact....

I'm so over Jason & the mob. I love Sonny - he's a mobster. He'll always be a mobster. He leaves but he always comes back. But Jason is a protector and I think his need to protect his family would so far outweigh his need to protect the mob that his loyalty to Sonny is threatened. But I will love him if I'm wrong. I've been watching for almost 2 decades just to see the time when Jason returns to the Quartermaines. I am an inconquerable Liason romantic, no matter how often it's half-slaughtered. And I still want Laura and the Quartermaines to get screen time. I'm an elephant - faithful 100% - no matter how often I'm disappointed. And please don't mistake disappointment for lack of love. I'm committed (see: elephant) to keeping a positive I love GH thread on this blog.

That said, I read a rumor that Jason could lose use of his hands and I am tripping with excitement that my hopes for a Quartermaine return could be imminent. I have so longed for an experience that forced Jason to need his mommy. I would particularly love it if he returned with a Lila replacement who could be the heart and maternal instinct of the Quartermaine family.*

While I'm on the subject of maternal instinct....when did I become a Carly/Jax fan? When did the writers remember that family life is full of interesting drama and struggle, too? (Oh - that's right - when the writer's strike gave me Garin Wolf. Have I mentioned today that I love him? I digress I know - but I really, really love him.) The scene in the nursery was so adorable and romantic - all in one kinda funny package mixed with green paint (But, Carly, I didn't mind the color - I thought it would make for a pretty park room). I miss Carly as the dysfunctional person she used to be - but the show needs a cool mom and family - and I've always kinda liked that Carly changed herself completely when she became a mother. It's a nice commentary on the power of if she'd only paid more attention to the psychosocial state of the kid before he got the gun - but soap operas are all about bad choices and their consequences - I wish they weren't being so "safe". Guns are bad deals in the hands of kids. At some point, they have to stop being so basic ice cream and get gritty. Still - I have liked Michael's storyline A LOT and am very grateful they've at least touched on the issues real parents are trying to confront: drugs, guns, and kids with no sense of establishment.

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Nancy said...

You and I seem to be the only people who like the Michael storyline but it is real and needs to be addressed.

The Carly/Jax love snuck up on me also. I've never been a Carly fan but I am now. They have a real marriage with trials and tribulations and enough love for each other to get through it.

Although I did love the Jason/Claudia scenes, I don't want any pairing between them either. I am a Liason shipper as well so Elizabeth is the only woman he should end up with,period!

I've always wondered why we didn't have the Jason returns to the Quartermaines long before now. I can't lie I'm all about Jason, Sonny runs hot and cold for me but I do agree that Jason and the mob is over. Carly is always telling him to find a woman who can accept his lifestyle but he doesn't accept his lifestyle so he needs to change it to find happiness. At least for the 5 or so minutes a soap will let a character be happy, lol.