Thursday, February 21, 2008

A spoiler that made me laugh

In the unofficial GH spinoff, Ric’s Adventures in Martha’s Vineyard...

Ha ha. Hahahahaha. Very true - Soaps on ABC writer - very true.

However, I found something compelling in the Ric/Marianna storyline yesterday - illegal immigrant indentured servitude is a problem we pretend doesn't exist in America. I owe this wonderful turn of storytelling to the marvelous Garin Wolf, who continues to just blow me away with the humanity and depth of character understanding and subtle plot movements.

On that note, I am worried about who the TMK is....and I'm not the least bit tired of the storyline. With each false step, I grow more worried - not about the deaths - but about the possibility that I could lose Johnny.

I didn't keep track of the death reveals. The connections between them were so obvious - apart from Georgie and Maxie - that it seemed dull and, typically, whodunit soaps style requires little more thought than paying attention to who is doing the evil gloating laugh and suddenly has "spooky" screentime. And, thus it seemed with Daniel behind the counter, who has an injured side and a cell phone. But the recent turn with Logan has made me worry about Johnny....and since Spinelli conveniently forgot that he knew Coop's whereabouts when Georgie was killed...and everyone seems to have forgotten where everyone else was during the Black & White Ball (wasn't LuLu with Logan or Johnny when Emily was killed and the other one during the attack on Carly??!!) - well, I feel like everyone is fair game again. I don't know what I'd do if they went back to Johnny as a short-term character - but I'll say this - wherever Brandon Barash lands himself, the show/play/theatrical/experimental will gain one more viewer....he's just wonderful and his ability to tilt from reckless to goofy to romantic hero makes me all forms of happy.

One more note in a rambling post - I think Devlin is the guy pulling Jerry's strings and I'm ready for that reveal. There should be a one mystery only rule on soaps - I think we're up to 4 now (though WE know who shot Kate) and it's starting to make my head hurt.

Oh - and I about died of happiness when Patrick ordered medically-relevant labs during Logan's surgery. Garin, have I mentioned that I love you (and props to Conforti - whoever HE is)? I wish it could last. But you're probably an aged golfer who only came out of retirement because you're well past the years where you worried about guilds and residuals and politics. Well, you'll be missed should you go because it's been a wonderful break (can't you just SEE the actors respond to storylines that make sense? Each one seems to have found inspiration lately. I've loved, loved, LOVED the past week.): Patrick ordered a Prothrombin Time and Robin is going to tell the truth and each character is smack in the middle of something interesting. Really, it's been the best gift a writer's strike could ever give a soap fan.


Nancy said...

Sadly, I have been spoiled for the TMK but the good news for you (and it is all I will say) is that is in no way Johnny. Thank the soap gods, since I love him too.

I agree the Ric/Mariana twist was interesting yesterday. It was real and it was different which is absolutely a breath of fresh air on any soap.

Allison said...

I hope they keep Johnny (Brandon Barash) around for a VERY long time as well. I have hope for GH since they introduced him last year. I was starting to get bored with the storylines until he came along. Love the character, and the actor! I agree with you, whatever his next venture is, I will watch.

Lola and Ava said...

I think I just found a new favorite blog. Very dedicated GH lover here who has fallen out of love with it in the past three years. Hopefully you can at least put me back in "like" with it.