Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Huh. I don't hate it.

Synopsis: Something was going on with Jason that I didn't watch until Spinelli came to invite Jason on a stakeout and Diane offered to file for $500/hour. Claudia and Nicholas established a partnership with the aim of rescuing not-so-fair maiden LuLu and marred-hero Johnny. Elizabeth bantered with new hot-doc while Robin and Patrick prepared to discover the gender of their baby.

I almost don't know what to do with myself. I'm so accustomed to watching GH in the 35 seconds it takes to fast forward a complete hour on Tivo. But, no, I've been pausing...not to use the bathroom or take a phone call...but to watch.

I still find Carly, Sonny, and Jason as interesting as belly button lint. If it weren't for Spinelli and Diane stumbling into scenes with this group I would probably spend just as much time with them as I do my belly button lint.

...but the rest of GH is good lately. I enjoy Nicholas Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde love affairs. Sweet Jolene - I was so happy she kissed him and equally enthralled to watch him grow a partnership with Claudia.

I've learned to like Claudia when she's not draped all over "Johnnie." I think she's a good foil for her daddy and I want her to take over the mob. Blah. Hate the mob, but if anyone can do it good, it's Sarah Brown. (Then Jason can leave and...yeah, I know, I've sung this song again and again.)

Speaking of daddy issues, I'm finally a Patrick fan. I've not enjoyed him during his "wild bachelor" years. I thought Robin could do better (which is saying something since I've not been a Robin fan). However, the scene at the end as they revealed that a baby girl will arrive was lovely, tender, and familial. I had to take back at least one mean thing I've said about the GH writers this summer.

One last note - I am so happy to see Cody back! I wish he weren't wrapped up with the mob because all I can hear when he talks is blah blah mob blah. Still happy to see him!

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