Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stop teasing me!

Synopsis: Jason & Sonny came to understand one another's motives. Elizabeth tried to connect with Jason. Sam & Lucky had a stilted excuse for make-up sex while Carly & Jax faced the finale. LuLu & Johnny's summer o' love came to a tragic end.

Okay. That's it. I can take no more. Just when I get used to the idea that I hate Jason and will never have Liason...there they are...reminding me that Jason could have a future.

But no.

Not 5 minutes later, Jason and Sonny make up. We're back to the boring starting place. I'm supposed to care about the mob, cry over the reconciliation, cheer for the resolution...

But I do not.

There is nothing interesting left in that storyline. Jason's few scenes with Elizabeth brought more life to Jason than 100 gunfights.

So, on to the stuff I don't fast forward...

I have mixed feelings about the Johnny/LuLu scenes this week. On one side, I thought Johnny was sweet (and the writing lovely) as he explained that he would help LuLu avoid the craziness that affected his whole family. I felt very emotionally connected with them. However, I thought the final scene with LuLu screaming as Johnny was dragged off a little over-the-top. I wanted Johnny to turn himself in as an exchange for LuLu's health. Okay, that's tragic, too. It just seemed a lot too much-ish to watch drama at LuLu's commitment become overwhelmed by drama at Johnny's arrest.

But, all in all, Johnny & LuLu were lovely and tragic and everything I wanted them to be.

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