Thursday, July 31, 2008

i liked it yesterday - i really did!

I always enjoy a runaway storyline in the summer. Johnny is adorable. I have no faith that GH writers won't mess up any and every love story but they've got some lovely glimmers of hope right now. Johnny/Lulu - sure, they're not forever, but they're great for now. Max & Diane are just lovely. Nadine and Nicholas may be the cutest thing since wrist-ducky, and I still really like LuSam (though I would like to suggest that Kelly Monaco stop doing whatever gives her those terrible bags under her eyes because she looks like she parties way too hard).

I yawn at the mob. I'm so-so-so tired of the mob. The Port Charles mob. The New York mob. Now the Russian mob. Oh yawn. Enough already. Gangs have long since taken over mob territory. I realize that ghetto-gangs living in poverty kinda ruin the glamour of the soap opera lifestyle but so be it - at least it would have a glimmer of reality.

Alas, I haven't watched GH closely enough to give more commentary. I'm still so mad of Liason's piffle out once Guza was back in charge that I can't watch a whole episode. I have yet to figure out if all the dead-beat dad storylines are meant to be social commentary or a diatribe against us "little women" forcing fatherhood on all these otherwise lovely people. But there's promise in some of the storylines.

Of course, nothing holds a candle to One Life to Live who seems to have dusted off the "soap opera glory days" bible. Their 40th anniversary storyline that drug all the current characters back into the past has been fun, tongue-in-cheek amusement. Bo and Rex (who don't yet know that they're father and son) have been flung back in time to play the roles of Asa and Bo long in the past. Asa was not the greatest man but he was soap opera fun - he slept with everything and married so often that no one remembered how often. So, now Bo, the most righteous of the sons, is stuck in the past as a stand-in for his dad. What's the kicker? Well, one of Asa's many liasons is a woman who is currently played by Gigi. Rex is upset as he just barely realized the depth of his feelings for "Morasco" and Bo can't figure out if he should maintain the future by carrying on with Emma/Gigi or just hope it's all a bad dream. What a great wedge to throw between Rex and Gigi just as Brody steps up his game in order to try and win Gigi's affection and permanent place on the Dad Roster for poor Shane.

On that topic, Brody has won me over completely. I enjoy a bad boy redemption (though my personal life is a sad testament to why these storylines are mere fiction). Brody has so many demons that I feel we could exorcise one a month and keep him going through 2010. Yet I'm a sucker for him. Ever since he chose to stay in Llanview to protect Gigi from the evils of Dorian and Adrianna, I've known that Brody was my pick. I feel disloyal to Rex - I fell back in love with OLTL as I watched him avoid his re-emerging feelings for Gigi - but he was a putz who chose the easy path with Adrianna rather than be a brave little toaster during a time of confusion. So, I choose Brody. After Brody kissed Gigi, I begged her to give in to him. I adore the guy. Alcoholic though he is (and OLTL is full of alcoholics at present) and filled with demons. A guy who sticks around just to protect you even when he has nothing to gain? Come on, honey....not many of us get that kind of guy.

So, yeah, I'm enjoying OLTL over GH right now...but I've started watching again and I see some promise (enough to start blogging again).

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Quiltersal said...

Oh, I'm so glad you're back...I've missed your biting, engaging commentary. You are spot on with GH....and, although I haven't watched OLTL in a very long time, I agree with your observations on Bo and Asa. Please don't stay away so long next time.