Thursday, March 13, 2008

With a fond adieu...

Well, it's coming. Guza's episodes will soon return to my screen.


I knew Garin Wolf couldn't stay forever, but I was invested in the fantasy wherein ABC realized that we need Guza for sweeps and Garin for everything else. I just...well....I find Guza's day-to-day and sad excuse for romance (i.e. random sex) so exhausting.

Garin...oh, Garin....I thank you for all of Johnny's scenes. The tortured, in-love artist with the woman who can barely stay true to herself - a lovely juxtaposition of the errors of over-fantasized love in a world of cruel reality. I love that you wrote Liz & Jason in a state of suspended animation - even they don't know what to make of their own choices. I've enjoyed Carly, adored Scrubs (who I never liked before - too much 'we had random sex and now we'll argue about it'), fell in love with LuSam, worried about Monica, and felt the cast come alive as they represented persons I might actually know. Sure, you wrote action like it's described at a pitch meeting ("...then someone gets shot...") but I take the 90% wonderful over the 10% okay/sure/whatever.

I'm going to be strong. I've come through worse with GH. And there will be May to enjoy - Guze writes sweeps like no other. I just wish I had recorded every episode over the past month.

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