Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The mourning period

I'll admit it's been more intense than expected. I was watching GH and I thought "wow, this sucks" and then I went back to the start and there was no Garin. I spent a few days in complete, abject grief over the change back to guns, guns, and more guns - the loss of a possible Jason transition and the rapid switch in Johnny's character - the lack of good Scrubs moments - and the quick clean-up of what had been really interesting storytelling. It was harsh. Very, very harsh.

There was glimmer yesterday, though, and I've noticed Michael Conforti is still listed as a writer. Maybe ABC learned a little something. I wouldn't mind some Guza plot action combined with some Garin-esque people-writing. That would be rockin' awesome. But, alas, when I saw some lovely Liason and Jax/Carly (what is their acronym?) - all I could think was, "Well, this must be the kiss of death for 2 romances."

I still haven't forgiven Guza for the gross Carly/Jason sequence when she was drowning. Blech. The only thing worse than Jason being 100% back to the mob would be Jason 100% with Carly in the mob. An flame me if you please. I love Carly but never liked her with Jason - she's Sonny's true love and a pretty good mate for Jax. That's really enough for one woman.

But I'll stop being so grumpy and be grateful for what was good yesterday: Jason's tearfulness as he spoke with Monica, the nice Liason moment, and the Jax/Carly moment in the nursery. That was good drama. And I'll enjoy it...while it lasts.

Since I know that non-stop gunfire is soon to be a reality, I've found myself in a momentary love affair with One Life to Live in order to assuage my pain. Rex and Gigi are so adorable - all that confusion and hidden attraction...reminds me why I fell so hard for soaps back when I was young and idealistic...just a good old-fashioned romance over there at OLTL. If you find yourself licking wounds over GH, you may want to see what the neighbor has to offer.


Nancy said...

Johnny is breaking my heart. I'm so not happy with the writing for him at the moment. Thank god he's still hot, lol.

The Liasion moment help if we can just get them moving past this secret thing I'll be much happier.

One Life was always my fall back when GH ticked me off. I just refuse to let myself get addicted to something else at the moment.

Anne said...

yes, yesterday was a bright spot in a fairly grim couple of weeks, but--I am beside myself over what's happened to the Quartermaines. This family was the core of GH for so long and now Monica's the last one, drinking her way to the inevitable car crash. And have all the writers forgotten that Monica HAS a grandchild on the show? How interesting would it be for her to have relationships with both Michael and Jake? Also, why did Epiphany have a heart attack? Don't Claudia and Johnny have any sense? A moron could predict that Trevor would be eavesdropping. What's with this whole Dr. Devlin thing? Okay, I'll stop. I love reading your musings on the show!

Ashlin said...

I must agree with the little slide in interest as the mob wars intensify.
The ABC soaps in depth magazine said the secrets out regarding Jake, maybe that will add more interest and new relationship with Monica.
I have to say the funniest scene this week was Patrick holding the baby. I thought it was quite cute.

glo said...

Johnny is hot. And Patrick was cute with the kid. And I agree that obviously NO writers on the show passed GH history lessons.

Quiltersal said...

Amen to everyone's comments. I was hoping there would be an exchange of I Love You's between Monica and Jason but, alas, only Monica said it...Maybe there will be a breakthru for them someday. And OLTL is a great backup! thanks for this blog, Glo - I'm so glad I found it.