Monday, March 12, 2012

A response to the myriad requests for money to defend Prop 8

We won't be donating. The case for Prop 8 was argued so poorly that we feel that donating is a waste of money. And, btw, the point of a constitution is to stop the populace when it calls for injustice. The judge had a right and an obligation if he sensed that was the point of the law. Our belief is that marriage is defined by GOD not people and that gay marriage legislation is a violation of our right to religious freedom as stated in the constitution. As this is a moment when two rights have collided, I had hoped for interesting, thoughtful court play that would set precedents to continue to protect religious freedom. Instead, the lawyers made us all look like ignorant bigots who just don't want gay people to have families. Prop 8 deserved to lose based on that argument. My religious freedom has not been protected, the organizations to which I belong look like backwater haters, and my money/time that I spent protecting God's right to define religious rites has been wasted. So, unless you can guarantee me that the lawyers understand what they're doing in the appeal, we won't donate a single cent. I am not a bigot and none of this has protected my right to religious freedom - in fact, it's likely hurting it. It's a sad day for everyone involved.

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