Monday, February 11, 2008

Thank you, Spinelli. That was oddly comforting.

I haven't yet listened to the Daily Confidential podcast to find out what *they* mean by "suprising chemistry at ABC" but my vote belongs to Maxie and Spinelli. I can't explain it - Maxie deserves worse and Spinelli deserves better - but they make me laugh. And smile. And grin a bit when the show careens back towards coupling for storyline sake only (That's another loosely veiled complaint about Kate/Sonny & Ric/Marianna).

I'll enjoy Maxie/Spinelli while it lasts...

So, last week had some good moments and I feel a countdown coming on...hold on for a Top 5:

1. Max/Spin bungling PI work leads to accidental comforting

2. Johnny's line "But you do make me feel a good way." He said it so cute & goofy - Brandon Barash is my new soaps addiction.

3. Elizabeth asking Jason if he could come up with a way to get them together in one house - what?! Adults can problem solve?! Say it ain't so....

4. Discovering that my Tivo jump-forward button, if pressed twice, will get me through any Ric/Marianna scene

5. Sarah Brown's line "Well, as long as we don't like the same men, we'll be great friends." Hahahaha....I love a good tongue-in-cheek nod to the past.

I watched All My Children and One Life to Live and Young & the Restless last week as well and, while Y&R is much better soap in general, of the ABC soaps, GH remains my truest love. Especially since the faux-ER look of AMC is enough to make me giggle and guffaw in rude & unacceptable just can't use 'gritty' filming while doctors say lines, such as, "If I give them a bigger dose of the anti-venom, then I think it will interfere with the poison. I don't know how but it just might work." Wow. I was overcome with the intellectual paucity of it all.

Yep. That entire paragraph was just so I could make fun of one line by Angie. I'm a soap opera watching genius, I am.

Spoiler I most hope is true:



*crickets chirping*

*sigh* It's going to be a long February.

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