Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I kid you not

So, I got a threat in my email in-box. Someone had responded to my comment on a general hospital board. Basically, the comment said, "Like Sam & Jason or else" and was followed by the high school strong-arm man 'No One'. No One was warning me. Warning me that if I don't run around the Internet bashing anyone who isn't Sam then I, too, would be part of the out crowd.


What horrors!

I wouldn't belong to one of the meanest groups of Internet posters I've had the misfortune to see on the Internet. I'm not sure I'll survive but I've decided to try No One at his word. And so I decided to start up my old blog site with just one purpose - to say whatever it is I want to say about GH without having to put up with anyone seeking out my email address to make sure I say what No One wants said. Oh for silly, says I.

On to GH. I have no excuse for loving this soap as much as I do. But I love it. I started watching when Jax, Karen and Jason were the resident love triangle. I was in shock when Jason had his accident. I fell in love with the innocence of his relationship with Liz. I hated Brenda so much I learned the joy of the mute button while watching soaps. I was enthralled by Sonny & Carly (still am) and I have always been jealous that Skye got to be adopted into the Quartermaines. I cried when Emily died and I absolutely LOVE LuLu & Johnny - even if they are rehashing old storylines....we've kinda been there, done that with the whole "I got hurt saving you and now need antibiotics" bit.

But still I love my GH.

So, where do I stand today and why....quick catch-up and then I can move forward from this point:

1. I believe in character-driven plots, moments of artistic integrity, and reality. I don't believe Sex & the City represented the only way women & men can interact and I appreciate a show that casts a wide net and tries to represent many different aspects of society - GH is far from this ideal but my love of Liz will make more sense if you 'get' my philosophy on character.

2. Like every fan, nonsensical choices by the writers make me mad. I do not think that Sam & Jason's breakup was one of those moments. I thought it was a wonderful moment of self-destruct on both character's parts. However, I think most of the writing surrounding Liz & Jason's plotline makes no sense and Sonny & Kate are trying too hard. Logan is LAME and most of Baby Jake has just been annoyingness.

3. I love the Quartermaines. They make me happy. Edward is my favorite character. I wish he would marry Lady Jane.

4. Jason is the character who most has my compassion. I will probably discuss this at length later so, suffice it to say, he and I have been through a lot together and I want him to choose his own happiness. During the Sam years I don't think Jason was happy - I think he was doing more of what he always does - taking care of Sonny's problems and rescuing damsels in distress.

5. Jax deserves better. Why is he so hard to write in love? But he is - I can't even think up a woman who would work for him. Why? It makes no sense. He should be the dashing romantic hero but he's as hard to cast as a lover as Alexis and Diane. Sad. Sad, sad, sad.

7. Diane has been created with pure comic genius and a good dose of believability. Kudos to writers and actress. She's fabulous.

8. I am ready for Liz & Jason to both accept that Jake has changed them forever and become more well-rounded characters. Jason, hon, leave the mob. It's time. Liz, dearest, you were a bad girl once. It's time to remember that you have a lot of strength in you and can face your choices not hide behind Lucky just because he's been so good at defining you.

9. Johnny by Brandon Barash. Love him. P.S. to Sonny - let him take Jason's place so I can see Jason grow and you can still have a hot guy with a gun. Brandon is my favorite new thing on GH in years.

10. Emily. Nicholas. Whatever.

11. Love Robin the single mom. Hate that they used the "accidental pregnancy" ruse. Stupid, stupid, stupid. They had a chance to be edgy and frontline as soaps used to be - and, instead, they recycled script #52.

12. Sam. Huh. Well, not my favorite. But if she didn't come with the evil posters, I suppose I could tolerate her. I like her with Lucky, actually, and find the constant war of good v. evil in her character to be intriguing. Hated her as the milquetoast mobster's moll with Sonny & Jason. Oh blech. I spent a miserable day on YouTube trying to understand the meansters on the web - but, alas, it was for naught. The only time I liked her was when she was on Everyday Heroes. (Oh - and I miss Amelia. Loved her. Sorry for 24 being postponed. Sadness.)

13. I think Patrick will give me a STD if I watch another love scene. Now that I know he uses faulty condoms, I am glad for fast forward function. I enjoy my sexual health and he just leaves me feeling used and disgusted.

14. I want MORE Diane, Jason & Liz, Lucky & Sam, Robin (but please - not with Jason - that was a childhood fling that ended appropriately - oh and writers - Robin is INSANE about honesty - so, the baby storyline - even lamer than it was with Liz), Alexis, Johnny, Anthony, Spinelli, Quartermaine family, Nadine, and storylines about people growing and changing through love, circumstance, and personal choice. I want LESS Sonny & the mob, Carly, Patrick, gun-toting, bed-hopping, nurses of any variety (there are OTHER disciplines in a hospital), tortured Nickolas & Emily, non-existant Quartermaines, and storylines driven only by how many bullets can be fired. It would also be nice if Laura came back.

That's the basic summary....comments are on moderation. I can only imagine how long it would take for the Samsters to string me up...they're making me crabby and obstinate. I may like her more if 'they' weren't so mean girl.

Favorite spoiler of the week: Jason tells off Carly in time for my birthday. Happiness!

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Nancy said...

I was toying with starting a GH blog myself for exactly the same reasons as you. We seem to agree on most points though so now I'll just visit yours I suppose, lol.

I like Sam and Lucky also but I think Sam needs to leave the nest. I was kind of feeling the chemistry between her and Cruz a few years ago. It would be great to have her defined in a completely different way, no con, no mob, no histrionics.

Oh and Johnny? Hottest mob guy since Jason. I love him.