Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On Republican demonization of a private Citizen

Wanna be mad? Read this blog post: http://www.kraytonkerns.org/postings/sandra_fluke.html

Here's my response to the "representative" who thought it appropriate.

1. Sandra Fluke ALSO pays her health insurance premium as part of her student fees. She's just asking that her health insurance cover FDA approved treatments.

2. Calling a woman a “dog” and claiming she is “studding” when her testimony never mentioned her own sex life is disgusting. Furthermore, I was abstinent before marriage & now have two kids - all we can afford on our hard-won income. PLEASE feel free to email me back & inform me how my IUD, in place so that I can KEEP WORKING and AFFORD HEALTHCARE means I am little more than a breeding bitch. Please. I'm still waiting on Rush to call me a SLUT to my face. I've told him that my husband & I will be happy to send him sex tapes as soon as our religion condones it, if that's what I have to do to prevent children suffering from poverty since society doesn't value a dietitian or truck driver very much. C'mon - you know you're dying to tell me that my employer is paying me to have sex. In actuality, my employer is "paying" for me to avoid getting pregnant & missing work. Society is "paying" for me to avoid producing children I can't afford. In exchange, I'm in the work force & raising two happy, healthy children.

3. As a “doctor,” you should know that hormonal treatments are used for various treatments. It's shameful that you would force women to endure pain, risk future fertility, and increase their risk of cancer just to punish a subset of the population.

4. Where is your rant about the medical uselessness of Viagra and its toll on health insurance premiums? I’d like to read it. I am also waiting for the official Republican statement that men should have sex only as many times as they can afford the children likely to be produced. When you make that statement, I'll stop calling you mysogenist pigs.

You’re making the intermountain west look bad. I was raised in Idaho. I was impressed by the good people that they are – honest, good, and willing to lend a helping hand. I can’t continue to defend them when drivel like this hits the Internet. Even my husband is rethinking his political stance after all this disgusting ranting against women.

Rush. Limbaugh. Must. Go. This is evidence that he DOES control the public debate. This is NOT the United States of Rush. I do not want that man dictating public policy. He is a foul excuse for a human being. He has bred this culture of hate & division. He is destroying our country.

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