Monday, April 7, 2008

Moments before the Quartermaine Death March Struck a Dark Chord...

Probably my favorite 2 minutes of GH in history (close 2nd: Jax proposed to Brenda):

My favorite line: "Now is not the time to show off your answer-avoidance skills."
Second favorite: "I already asked you twice and you said no both times."

Oh, romance. Oh, love. How I long for thee...

And for anyone who doesn't think my poorly written last post is an example of pure character genius (I'm not humble when it comes to Jason - I was right - I've been watching GH for at least 15 years)...Jagger & Karen scenes can be found on YouTube.

Now, I must go and be spoiled or watching Liason say goodbye for the umpteenth time may break my heart. These scenes were everything I love about Jason & Liz. I cried and I laughed and I loved them both more for it. Maybe someday I'll get to see them say, "Our relationship & family matters more than anyone else in Port Charles"...but they are still too self-sacrificing.

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Nancy said...

Loved it!!! My favorite moment ever ( I wasn't watching as much during the Brenda years).

Now if I could just go back and rewrite the Lulu/Johnny scenes. I loved the passion but she needed to say something real to him so he could give her a real answer. Instead of just railing at him over and over.